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Sprint Game Ball Of The Week, Week Five

This post is sponsored by Sprint.

In what shouldn't come as much of a surprise, Percy Harvin was chosen by you, the readers, to receive this week's Sprint Game Ball of the Week for his performance against the New York Jets.

Harvin overshadowed Randy Moss in #84's first game back in a Vikings' uniform. . .sure, Moss might have gotten touchdown pass number 500 from Brett Favre, but Harvin managed to get numbers 501 and 502 as the Vikings mounted a furious comeback at the Meadowlands that came up just a little bit short.

Harvin's 97 yards receiving on Monday night gave him the Vikings' team lead in receiving yards this season, as it brought his total up to 203 yards through the Vikings' first four games. That's a mere six yards more than Visanthe Shiancoe, who has sort of disappeared since the Dolphins game. But, as Randy Moss learns more of the offense and things open up, I'd be shocked if the numbers for both Harvin AND Shiancoe didn't go way up in the next couple of weeks.

But, after a couple of weeks of domination by Adrian Peterson, the Sprint Game Ball of the Week for this week goes to Percy Harvin. Congratulations to him!