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NFL Week Six Early Games Discussion Thread

Since the Vikings don't play until 3:15 Central, yours truly is going to be locked in on the Red Zone Channel until kickoff. Our game thread for the Vikings/Cowboys game should be up at around 1:00 PM Central time.

Among the early games today are the match-ups of all three of our NFC North rivals. The Bears will be playing host to a Seattle Seahawks team that has been atrocious on the road thus far this season, the Packers will be hosting the Miami Dolphins. . .and, hey, if the Dolphins are good enough to beat Minnesota, they're certainly good enough to beat Green Bay. . .and the Lions will be traveling to Jersey to take on the New York Giants.

The rest of the early slate looks like this:

San Diego Chargers at St. Louis Rams
Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots
Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers
Kansas City Chiefs at Houston Texans
Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles
New Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Enjoy, folks. . .and, as I said, look for our Game Thread right around the time most of these games are going into the locker room for halftime.