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National Football League Hypocritical Once Again

Gotta love the NFL. Yesterday, they fined a bunch of players for helmet-to-helmet hits on defenseless players, and vowed to suspend people that did it in the future. For an entity that used to sell VHS tapes of various hits and stuff like that, it appeared that the league might have been taking a stand against such hits.

Until, of course, the good folks over at Pro Football Talk discovered that you, too, can own a photograph of the hit that James Harrison laid on Cleveland Browns wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi (that gave Massaquoi a concussion) for as little as $15.95.

Fully sanctioned by the National Football League,natch.

The league apparently thinks that its fans are too stupid to realize that they're trying to have it both ways here. Sorry, Mr. Goodell. . .once again, we know what hypocrisy looks like. It's a familiar sight.