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NFL Tells Vikings What The World Already Knew

Childress told by NFL today that Shiancoe TD should have stood and not been overturned.less than a minute ago via txt


What an absolute fricking joke. There is no team in the National Football League that gets apologized to for referees being incompetent, worthless garbage more than the Minnesota Vikings. . .and I, for one, am sick and tired of it.

Hey, NFL referees. . .why don't you try unjamming your heads from your asses far enough to get the calls right the first time, huh? What's even greater is that a bunch of you went over to a reviewing station, looked at the footage for a while. . .and you STILL MANAGED TO F*** IT UP!

We got jobbed. . .but, hey, at least the league said they were sorry, right?

Screw them. Screw them right in the fricking neck.