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Jared Allen Ordered To Stop Sack Dance Because The NFL Has Nothing Better To Do

On this morning's Fox NFL pre-game show, it was reported by Jay Glazer that the National Football League has ordered Jared Allen to stop performing his "calf-roping" sack celebration because. . .and I'm serious about this. . .it involves Allen kneeling down, which is apparently a no-no in the league celebration rules.

Chip Scoggins mentioned this on his Twitter as well.

Seriously, NFL, when did this become a rule? Allen has been doing this for as long as he's been in the NFL. Is there really such an utter lack of anything else to do at the league offices that we have to go around "regulating" stuff like this? I mean, hey, I'm guessing there's something in the league rules somewhere about players going into the stands, but that doesn't stop every jagoff in a green and yellow uniform that scores a touchdown at Lambeau Field from jumping into the first row of the stands.

Oh, well. . .the NFL has chosen to bring the stupid once again. Shouldn't be surprised by it at this point, I suppose.