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Randy Moss Thoughts

Randy Moss is a Viking again.  I can hardly believe that I just typed that.

I'm generally a pretty verbose guy, but I'm struggling finding the right words to properly put the Moss trade into context.  For those of you that know me, I was torn about the Moss trade in 2005.  I could understand both the Vikings and Moss wanting to move on, but I thought that bastard Red McCombs did it more as a way to give one last middle finger to Vikings fans on his way out the door.  Why?  The compensation the Vikings got, which wasn't much, and what they did with said compensation, which was even less.

But you know what?  It doesn't matter.  Randy's home, in purple, where he belongs.  I still have a Moss jersey somewhere in the bowels of my closet, because for some reason, I always thought, way deep down, that Moss would someday wear purple again.  And now he is.

And I am overjoyed.  And stunned.  But WAY more overjoyed.

Welcome home, Randy.  Use this thread for welcome home comments, and post your favorite Moss in purple moments.  I'll have a winners and losers article up later today, but for now, just revel in this moment, and imagine Paul Allen's dulcet tones:

"Three seconds left, Favre in the shotgun.  Moss wide left, Harvin going in motion.  The Metrodome crowd is going nuts.  Cook snaps the ball.  Favre looks downfield and rolls right, pump fakes, LET'S IT GO...AND IT'S MOSS!!  MOSS!!  TOUCHDOWN RANDY MOSS WITH AN INCREDIBLE ONE HANDED GRAB OVER CHARLES WOODSON!!


Randy Moss, Minnesota Vikings.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.