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The Only Post I'll Be Making About the Brett Favre/Jenn Sterger Thing

No, I'm not posting any of the pictures. No, I'm not linking to Deadspin. No, I'm not posting any pictures of Jenn Sterger. If you want any of those things, you can find them elsewhere. I just want to take a moment or two to point out the obvious. Allow me to channel my inner Andy Rooney for a bit.

Did you ever notice. . .that even though this incident, such as it is, took place nearly two years ago, it somehow. . .magically, I guess. . .didn't become an issue until a few days before Brett Favre returns to town as a member of a team that's playing the Jets? I mean, really, if I was a female and some guy that I hadn't had any prior relationship with sent me pictures of his twig and berries. . .I'd probably put some thought towards doing something about it. You know, immediately, rather than a couple of years after the fact. I mean, color me cynical if you wish, but one would think that Brett Favre and Jenn Sterger interacted more than a few times after these pictures were sent, what with her being employed by the Jets and. . .

Oh, wait, NOW I know why this whole thing didn't come out immediately. Man, I hate it when I answer my own questions sometimes. It probably would have reflected quite poorly on young Jenn had she accused the starting quarterback of the franchise she was employed by of such a thing, eh?

Did you ever notice. . .that Jenn Sterger has a photo spread coming up in this month's issue of Maxim magazine? Eh, it's probably not a big deal. . .I'm sure it's just a coincidence.

Did you ever notice. . .that this whole incident has already gotten more play than ANY of the stories that came out of Green Bay about Brett Favre's constant womanizing? By all accounts, Brett Favre's exploits in the little hamlet of Green Bay bordered on legendary. . .but, you never really heard all that much about it.

Honestly, when Favre was the quarterback of the Packers, he could have stood in front of 1265 Lombardi Avenue and taken a chain saw to a basket full of kittens as he used his other hand to flip through a magazine full of child pornography while balancing a crack pipe in his mouth, and you wouldn't have heard word one about it anywhere.

Now? Well, Brett Favre is a Viking now. . .therefore, things are different and the standards have changed. Somehow, this reflects badly on the Minnesota Vikings, apparently, despite the fact that this happened two years ago and it happened when he was playing for a team a significant distance away from the Twin Cities. And why does it reflect badly on the Vikings? Because. . .well, because they're the Vikings. Really, when has the media at large ever needed a reason to try to turn the Minnesota Vikings into a punchline.

Hey, I'm not saying that Favre is innocent here in any way, shape, or form. . .far from it. If he was sending pictures of his junk to women that worked for the New York Jets, then he's an idiot. But this is something that Brett and Deanna Favre should be dealing with. . .not something that should be splashed all over the internet.

I am curious, though. . .if the Vikings weren't playing the Jets this week. . .do you suppose these pictures and this story still would have magically found their way into the mainstream? Personally, I'd be willing to bet that they wouldn't have, but I've always been accused of being a bit of a cynic.

Please try to confine all of the Favre/Sterger discussion to this area. It's bad enough that it's polluting the rest of the media. . .and while I realize that it IS a story, regardless of whatever the reasons behind it being a story might be, we can at least attempt to keep the pollution confined to one place. Well, and the earlier FanPost on the subject.