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So Much For That: Randy Moss Waived By Minnesota Vikings

Randy Moss Era v2.0 lasted all of four games in Minnesota, and if we weren't already the most dysfunctional team in the National Football League, we've sure as hell made ourselves the leader in the clubhouse right now.

According to the NFL Network's Michael Lombardi, as well as numerous other sources, the Minnesota Vikings have released wide receiver Randy Moss, just four games after trading a third-round draft choice to the New England Patriots for the now twice former Viking great.

Honestly, does anyone have any idea what in the hell this franchise is doing any more?

Brad Childress is not long for this team, folks. . .and now after straight-up lying to the media during his press conference today and saying that he had no regrets about the Moss trade, the axe needs to fall sooner rather than later.

I'd say more. . .and I probably will later. . .but I'm just sitting here in absolute shock at the moment. This is mind-numbing in its magnitude and mind-boggling in its stupidity.

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