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Captain Of The Tailgate: So Where Can We Tailgate At Vikings Games, Anyway?

Well, the title there may not be entirely accurate. . .technically, I suppose you could tailgate just about anywhere before a Vikings' game. But like every other stadium in the National Football League, the Metrodome has a few parking lots that are specifically geared towards tailgaters and the related festivities leading up to Vikings home games.

This image below, taken from the Vikings' official website, shows where the Metrodome's three official tailgating lots are located.


The tailgating lots are the ones that are highlighted in purple above. As you can see, they are in fairly close proximity to the Metrodome, for those of us. . .er, you. . .oh, who am I kidding. . .that like to imbibe a little bit prior to kickoff. There are three different tailgate lots that you can purchase passes for, and the pass will get you a reserved spot. . .but if there are spaces left, it can be kind of a free-for-all. Tailgate Lot #1 is closest to the Dome, Tailgate Lot #3 is the farthest away, and Tailgate Lot #2 is. . .get this. . .in between them. If you have an RV, a bus, or another kind of oversized vehicle, Tailgate Lot #3 is the only one that can accommodate your vehicle. A pass for Tailgate Lot #3 will give you three parking spaces rather than one, and RVs and other oversized vehicles aren't even allowed on the other two Tailgate Lots.

All of the tailgate lots are conveniently located between 3rd Street South and 4th Street South. If you're curious about any of the other policies relating to tailgating around the Metrodome, let me direct you to their FAQ.

Unfortunately, you probably won't see anything like this at your tailgate lot. . .but, if you do, be damn sure to have your video camera or cell phone out and at the ready.