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Vikings at Bears, Second Half Thread

Both teams have had plenty of opportunities in the first half of play this afternoon, but the Bears' new found ability to convert on third downs. . .they're 7 out of 10 this afternoon after entering the game as the league's worst third-down offense. . .has helped them to a 14-10 lead over the Vikings.

Jay Cutler has two touchdown passes, a 17-yarder to Greg Olsen and a 19-yarder to Devin Hester, while a 53-yard pass to Percy Harvin from Brett Favre has accounted for the lone Vikings' touchdown. Ryan Longwell is 1-for-2 on field goal attempts in the Soldier Field winds today, while Chicago kicker Robbie Gould is 0-for-1, missing just before the halftime break.

Join us for all the action here, folks. . .the Vikings need this one.