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Vikings Fall, 27-13, To NFC North's Best Team

It's hard to move the ball offensively when your top three receivers are all on the sidelines wearing street clothes.

It's tough for people to catch passes when they, apparently, don't have any idea what kind of shoes to wear on a wet, natural grass surface in order to not constantly fall on their asses.

It's hard to win football games when your defense decides to let the offense that came into the game as the worst in the NFL on third down. . .23% prior to today. . .convert third downs pretty much at will.

But the NFC North has become a two-team race. . .and, in this race, it's very easy to figure out who to root for, particularly after some little boy/pathetic loser. . .who I know is a Packer fan from various different places I've posted at in the past. . .sent me a nice, friendly e-mail asking if I enjoyed watching "Percy the bitch" get hurt today. There have been other e-mails from other, similar garbage, but that one was pretty much the highlight.

(Seriously, for someone that has the education. . .most likely completely fabricated. . .that this individual claims to have, you'd think they'd be able to come up with something better than "Percy the bitch." Oh, well. . .these are the sorts of things you say when you're stupid, I guess.)

So, in light of today's outcome, I would like to make a sort of endorsement. . .basically, it's time for the enemy of my enemy to become my friend. With that, I will openly be rooting for the Chicago Bears. . .the clear best team in the NFC North at this point, and the team that would win the division if the season ended today. . .to win the NFC North division title.

If our fans can't have a third consecutive division title, I will be pulling for it to go to the group of fans that clearly. . .clearly. . .deserves it the most. Not necessarily the team, because I don't much care for the team, either, to be honest, but the fan base. And I'm certainly not pulling for them to win the Super Bowl or anything. . .just the division. I mean, let's not get crazy here.

More on the game later on, as I'm sure there will be much Brad Childress-related drama to fill our week with shortly.