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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Vikings and Packers Meet For One Hundredth Time

In this, the fiftieth season of Minnesota Vikings football, today we will witness the Vikings and the Green Bay Packers meeting up for the one hundredth time, counting post-season matchups. We know that Packer fans don't like to count that one, for obvious reasons (like the fact that they got beaten to a pulp by a team that they. . .and everybody else in America. . .expected them to just walk over that day), but hey, that's really just too bad.

The Packers currently enjoy a 50-48-1 advantage over the Vikings, including the win that they were gifted earlier this season at Lambeau Field. The teams have gone back and forth over the decades as well. . .the Packers dominated the Vikings back in the 60s when Minnesota was just getting their franchise off of the ground, but the Vikings whipped up on Green Bay pretty good back in the 70s, winning 14 of 20 match-ups through the course of that decade. The 70s also contained the one tie this series has seen, a 10-10 deadlock at Lambeau Field in 1978.

The Packers turned it back around in the 80s, winning 13 of 19 games against Minnesota. . .there were only 19 games between the two teams that season because the strike in 1982 caused one of those games to get wiped off of the schedule. Minnesota gained the advantage back in the 90s with an 11-9 mark against the Packers, and going into the final game of this decade, the teams are currently tied 10-10. . .again, counting the playoffs. . .so Minnesota can pull ahead for the decade with a win this afternoon.

I'll be honest with you, folks, and many of you that have been around the site for a while fully know this already. I don't like this team. I don't like their players. I don't like the overwhelming majority of their fans. I don't like the overinflated, overblown sense of superiority that everyone connected to the franchise seems to carry themselves with. And, believe me, it has nothing to do with jealousy. Why on earth would I be jealous of this team? Because, over the course of my lifetime, they've won a whopping one Super Bowl? That's hilarious. There are teams out there worth being envious off. . .teams like the 49ers (who have won five titles in my lifetime), the Patriots, the Cowboys, the Steelers, the Redskins. . .teams that have won in the modern NFL. Quite frankly, I don't give a rip what happened in the days of Curly Lambeau when the NFL consisted of about six teams and half the teams in the league folded every year and the forward pass was new and revolutionary. I just. . .don't. . .care.

The Minnesota Vikings and their fans are second to none. . .and although I've been a fan of this team for 27 seasons and have watched over 400 Vikings' games over the course of my lifetime, it certainly didn't take me that long to figure that out. So in this, the 100th match-up between these two teams, the Vikings need to come out and prove today at the Metrodome what they would have proven at Lambeau Field a few weeks ago if Scott Green could have pulled his head out of his rear end far enough to know what a touchdown catch is and what a touchdown catch is not. . .that they are every bit the team the Green Bay Packers are, despite many declarations to the contrary.