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Packers at Vikings, Second Half Thread

It's almost time for the second half in Minneapolis, where the Vikings have been doing what they've done better than anyone else in the league all year. . .kicking their own asses and beating themselves with turnovers.

The Vikings have turned the ball over twice on the afternoon, both in Green Bay territory on promising drives, one on a fumble by Toby Gerhart (who, somehow, is second on the team in turnovers despite having limited touches) and yet another Brett Favre interception on a slant intended for Percy Harvin. With that, the Vikings are now -13 on the season in turnover ratio, easily the worst in the NFL, and the Packers lead 17-3 and get the ball coming out of the locker room.

This team is in big trouble.

Hang out and commiserate here with us, ladies and gentlemen!