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Where I Once Again Display Epic And Unbelievable Timing

The Minnesota Vikings' season has largely been a disaster thus far, the team is 4-7, they've just fired their coach, and it doesn't appear that there's a realistic chance for them to end up in the post-season at this point.

So, I figure. . .what better time to drop a little bit of disposable income to come to Minnesota and take in a football game for myself?

Yes, thanks to the good folks at SBNation. . .believe me, it's good to be a part of the king's court. . .yours truly is going to be taking in just his second ever Minnesota Vikings' football game at the Metrodome this coming Sunday when the Beloved Purple play host to the Buffalo Bills. And, despite the disaster that the Vikings' season has been thus far, I am incredibly psyched to come to Minnesota to be able to take this one in.

The part where SBNation comes in is that I will not only be going as a fan. . .I've managed to finagle myself a media credential, so yours truly will be sitting up in the press box with all of the fine luminaries that cover the Vikings in the Twin Cities area. (I was planning on going to the game regardless, and was getting ready to buy a ticket before I got the word from the Vikings' PR department, but this is a huge added bonus for me.) As such, I will effort to do the best that I can to share the experience with you folks out there.

The Vikings have assured me that I can continue to participate in the Game Threads and be on Twitter and stuff during the game. . .apparently, from talking to some of my SBNation colleagues, there are other teams that aren't quite so generous. . .but I'm going to effort to get you folks significantly more than that, particularly stuff like pictures from the stadium, quotes, and those sorts of things. As the press credential allows for access to the locker rooms after the game as well as the post-game press conferences, I'll even solicit questions from out of the Game Thread and off of Twitter and what not to take with me and try to get answers to.

I'm also going to be wandering around the tailgate lots for a bit before the game. . .not drinking, mind you. (One would think that showing up to collect credentials from team officials while smelling of alcohol probably falls on the "no-no" list.) So, if you're going to be tailgating before the game, I'll probably run into you at some point. . .I'll be the guy that, in all likelihood, will be wandering around the tailgate lots with a camera. So, if you're going to be tailgating at the standard Vikings tailgating locations, let me know!

So, there you go. . .for the first time in the 4 1/2-year history of DN, yours truly will actually be on-site, taking in a game and doing my best to give you all the action live as it happens. I sincerely hope to be able to meet up with some of you folks beforehand, and hopefully afterward we'll all be celebrating the same result we got this past weekend.