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A Couple Of Site Things

I want to touch on a couple of minor things for the site, and then move on to putting the final cherry on the. . .um. . .fecal matter sundae that we've been given to digest over the past couple of days.

In something I meant to touch on a while ago. . .and by "a while" I mean "going on about six weeks". . .we've surpassed the 3 million hit mark as a site. I believe we actually hit it the day of the Detroit game (which, along with the Vikings' victory that day, made for damn fine birthday gifts), but for some reason it had slipped my mind to mention it before now. So, as just a brief little timeline for the history of the site. . .

10 July 2006 - Daily Norseman goes online
1 July 2009 - Daily Norseman reaches 1 million hits
26 January 2010 - Daily Norseman reaches 2 million hits
26 September 2010 (approximately) - Daily Norseman reaches 3 million hits

For the record, as of now we're sitting at 3,385,105 total hits. . .thanks largely to the fact that, since the day we hit three million, we've experienced the three biggest days in the history of the site. Those days?

6 October - 37,275 hits
1 November - 32,275 hits
2 November - 24,248 hits

Hmmmm. . .anyone remember what the topic du jour on those days was?

So, anyway, I just wanted to put that out there as an opportunity to thank everyone for making this site a part of their Vikings' routine, and hope that you will continue to do so in the future.

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday, folks. . .I'll be back at some point tomorrow to put my final bow on the entire fiasco from this week, and we'll have other good stuff for you as well. Why? Because we're the best, and it's not close, that's why.