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Great, Now Brad Childress Is Arguing With Percy Harvin, Too

At least, that's the report coming from Kevin Seifert of

The Star Tribune is reporting that Childress got into a "heated argument" Friday with receiver Percy Harvin, who returned to practice after Wednesday and Thursday because of an ankle injury. Harvin was limping badly during the portion of practice open to reporters, and the Star Tribune reported that Childress questioned Harvin's effort at some point after that.

Are you fricking kidding me with this garbage? Seriously? Honestly? Did Brad Childress not see what Harvin looked like at today's practice? Hell, WE all saw it, so I can only assume that he probably saw it at some point as well.

Harvin said he got through the New England game on adrenaline, and somehow managed to have only the second 100-yard receiving game of his career after hurting his ankle to the point where everyone. . .at least, everyone in the Game Thread. . .was surprised that he returned to the game at all.

Yeah, Big Bad Brad won his staredown with Randy Moss after Moss had the nerve to suggest that Childress needed to he replaced. What, exactly, is his excuse for getting after it with a guy who, from what we saw from the video taken at practice this morning, could barely walk, let alone run pass patterns?

Honestly, can anyone defend this guy any more? I'm to the point where I don't care if the Vikings somehow rattle off 12 victories in a row and bring home their first Super Bowl title. . .I don't want this guy coaching my team any more.