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Jennifer Sterger Demands NFL Suspend Favre, Vastly Overestimates Her Own Importance

Yes, we've basically ignored the Sterger story for this long, but now it's to the point where it could actually, potentially, affect the Vikings on the field, so this development needs to be explored a little bit.

Yesterday, Jennifer Sterger made a statement saying that she wouldn't sue the National Football League or Brett Favre on one condition. . .that condition being that the league suspend Brett Favre for the text messages and lewd pictures that he may or may not have sent her during the time he was employed by the New York Jets in 2008.

See, it's funny that Sterger would go ahead and play this card now, considering everything that's happened to her since she started in on this entire escapade in the first place.

-Her friend, Allison Torres, came out and said that not only was Sterger texting back and forth with Favre (which kind of takes away the whole "poor, helpless little Jennifer Sterger" angle of this whole thing), but that Sterger "could make millions if she ever cashed in on all the naked photos she gets from friends."

-Her show where she did. . .whatever it was she was doing. . .on the Versus network was canceled because it had slightly fewer viewers than "Cooking With Marie" on Fargo Public Access.

-Her agent, Phil Reese, whose job is apparently to ensure that Sterger is completely unemployable in the future, has said that he didn't understand what was taking the league so long, as his client had "done everything to assist with the investigation." Which sort of flies in the face of the news that had come out earlier that Sterger had more pictures of Favre that she would go public with if the league didn't "do the right thing."

Apparently "doing everything to assist with the investigation" means turning over everything you have. . .you know, except for the really, really, really "bad" stuff that could potentially be used for blackmail purposes later. But this is in NO WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM ABOUT MONEY. No, not at all, not one single bit.

Yeah, if Favre sent all this stuff, it was stupid and he should be punished. Many sources, such as Peter King, have said that the likelihood of Favre receiving any sort of punishment are pretty low, for what that's worth.

On the other hand, Jenn Sterger and her agent have handled this entire thing in the sleaziest possible way. The clock on her 15 minutes of fame appears to be stuck at 14:59, and she's trying to keep it there as long as possible. And, to be honest, you can't blame her. . .after all, if you woke up one day at the age of 27 and realized that you were completely washed up and basically unemployable in the career field that you had chosen for yourself, you'd probably do the same thing.

Honestly, this little stunt from Sterger and Reese has so little chance of affecting the outcome of the NFL's investigation into this matter that not even Lloyd Christmas would give them a snowball's chance in hell.

Brett Favre has about four more National Football League games left in his career. . .or, at the very least, in his Minnesota Vikings career. He may play in them, he might not. But that will in no way, shape, or form be determined by Jenn Sterger and Phil Reese, and the sooner they realize that, the happier they'll probably be.