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CONFIRMED: Giants At Vikings Being Moved To Monday Night

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Game will apparently be broadcast at 7 PM Central Time on FOX in the New York and Minneapolis markets. I just spoke with a nice young lady from DirecTV, and she confirmed for me that people with the NFL Sunday Ticket package will, in fact, be able to see it. The only way we'd be unable to see the game is if it were to be blacked out, which this game is not.

Original story follows below.

That's what Judd Zulgad is reporting via Twitter. Beginning to sound like a real possibility.

Sounds like the NFL is considering moving Vikings-Giants to Monday night but nothing is official. Stay tuned.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck


Because, you know, our season just hasn't been weird enough to this point. Let's just add another little splash of crazy to the proceedings.

Jamarca Sanford has also mentioned something about the game being on Monday night through his Twitter account.

We've been on this story all day. . .if anything significant comes from this, we'll have an update immediately.

EDIT: KFAN is reporting that the game has officially been moved to Monday for a number of reasons. Like what?

Well, according to Chris Kluwe. . .and I hope you're sitting down for this. . .apparently the roof of the Metrodome is collapsing.

I'm not making that up. . .and unless Kluwe is making it up, well, that's what's happening.