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Vikings Manage To Get Flexed Into Prime Time After All

It's not every year that a 5-7 team that's been widely considered to be a disappointment gets flexed into a prime time match-up. . .unless, of course, that team is going on the road to face a team that's battling for the number one seed in the NFC playoffs and has a couple of glamor players on offense. Oh, and it comes in a game that could set a significant NFL milestone as well.

Yes, per the Minnesota Vikings' website, the game between the Vikings and the Philadelphia Eagles on 26 December has been "flexed" into a prime time slot. That game was originally occupied by a game between the San Diego Chargers and the Cincinnati Bengals, but the folks at NBC apparently thought Vikings/Eagles was a more attractive match-up.

I'm sure the fact that that game could. . .potentially. . .mark Brett Favre's 300th consecutive regular season start had nothing to do with the decision.

So, with tonight's game, the game next week against the Bears on Monday night, and now this game, the Vikings have three consecutive prime time match-ups. Do you like this idea? I'm not sure if I do, to be honest, but we can discuss that below.