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Daily Norseman Fantasy Football League Playoffs Start Tonight!

With the kickoff of the Thursday night affair between the San Diego Chargers and the San Francisco 49ers, the playoffs will be underway for the season in the 2010 installment of the Daily Norseman Fantasy Football League! The chase for the top bracket in the regular season went all the way down to the wire. . .first, here's what the final standings looked like:

Division 1
Team W L T PCT GB Strk Div Wks PF Back PA
Dead Parrots Society 9 5 0 0.643 0 W3 5-1-0 1 1701.0 111.6 1594.0
VikingsRule 7 7 0 0.500 2 L1 3-3-0 3 1682.9 129.6 1756.4
8 Bit Bowling 6 8 0 0.429 3 W1 3-3-0 3 1812.5 0.0 1739.1
Moss's Mooners 3 11 0 0.214 6 L5 1-5-0 1 1597.2 215.3 1702.0
Division 2
Team W L T PCT GB Strk Div Wks PF Back PA
AP's 14 LB Balls 10 4 0 0.714 0 W4 5-1-0 0 1719.4 93.2 1571.7
Preying Amish 9 5 0 0.643 1 L2 3-3-0 0 1719.4 93.1 1527.7
Maulers of America 8 6 0 0.571 2 W2 4-2-0 0 1663.0 149.5 1532.0
REVENGE4FAVRE 2 12 0 0.143 8 L5 0-6-0 1 1327.2 485.3 1651.3
Division 3
Team W L T PCT GB Strk Div Wks PF Back PA
It's Destiny 9 5 0 0.643 0 W5 4-2-0 3 1696.7 115.9 1642.7
Purple Jesus Drank® 9 5 0 0.643 0 W1 4-2-0 1 1751.4 61.1 1673.2
Shank's Redemption 6 8 0 0.429 3 L1 2-4-0 0 1666.7 145.9 1666.1
Metropolitan Upperdeckers 6 8 0 0.429 3 L4 2-4-0 1 1418.1 394.4 1699.2

The "Weeks" column is the number of weeks where that particular team was the highest scoring team in the league. Feel kind of bad for 8-Bit Bowling, being the highest scoring team in the league three times and only managing six wins. Oh, and REVENGE4FAVRE's week where he was the highest scoring team in the league? Yeah. . .it was the week of the Arizona comeback. And it happened against my team, the Dead Parrots Society. Of all the rotten luck.

But, in any case, here's how the three brackets for the post-season break down:

Top Bracket

4) Purple Jesus Drank® (Wild Card) at 1) AP's 14 LB Balls (Division 2 Champ, best overall record)
3) Dead Parrots Society (Division 1 Champ) at 2) It's Destiny (Division 3 Champ)

It's Destiny and the Dead Parrots Society finished with the same record, but It's Destiny received the #2 seed as opposed to the #3 on the strength of their head-to-head victory back in Week Six (by a score of 143.35 to 138.35). The Wild Card spot came down to a battle between PJD and the Preying Amish, and head-to-head match-ups made the difference there, too, as PJD defeated the Preying Amish in their one clash this year, a 129.75-125 battle back in Week Four.

Middle Bracket

8) Shank's Redemption at 5) Preying Amish
7) VikingsRule at 6) Maulers of America

We've detailed why the Preying Amish are the top seed in the middle bracket already. The Maulers of America and VikingsRule both slotted in nicely to the #6 and #7 slots based on record, but the fight for the last spot in this middle bracket turned into a three-way dance between Shank's Redemption, 8-Bit Bowling, and the Metropolitan Upperdeckers. Shank's Redemption and the Upperdeckers were in the same division, so they had two head-to-head match-ups during the season. . .but that didn't provide much separation, as they split those two games (the Upperdeckers won back in Week Two by a score of 136.2 to 112.6, and the Redemption got. . .well, redemption. . .in Week 13 with a 128.7 to 84.05 victory).

So, it came down to their match-ups against 8-Bit Bowling to sort of break the tie. Shank's Redemption defeated 8-Bit Bowling 116.65 to 107.85 back in Week Four, while the Upperdeckers got trounced by 8-Bit Bowling in Week Eight to the tune of 173.65 to 121.05. So, that gave Shank's Redemption the advantage, and placed them as the last seed in the Middle Bracket.

Bottom Bracket

12) REVENGE4FAVRE at 9) 8-Bit Bowling
11) Moss's Mooners at 10) Metropolitan Upperdeckers

Since we just detailed the process between Shank's Redemption, 8-Bit Bowling, and the Metropolitan Upperdeckers, we can just say that 8-Bit Bowling gets the top spot in the bottom bracket based on their head-to-head victory. Moss's Mooners and REVENGE4FAVRE are the 11th and 12th seeds based on their records. Wow, that was incredibly easy to break down.

So, if you're a member of the league. . .if you have any players that are playing in tonight's game that you want to have in your lineup, make sure they're in there! Outside of that, you can bench and activate players any time up to five minutes before their games kicking off.

Good luck to everybody. . .and the most luck of all to me, the Dead Parrots Society. (-: