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In This Installment of 'As The Vikings Turn'...

When we last left out intrepid heroes in Port Charles Oakdale  Minneapolis, Luke was in town to break up the marriage of Bobbie and Scotty, but developed a thing for Laura, Sean Donely was on a secret mission with the WSB, and...well, okay, you get the idea.  It's been a crazy season here in the Northland, and personally, I can't wait for it to be over.  How ever, there are still three games left to play, including the final home game of the year, which won't really be at home, but it is in Minneapolis.  Which is an improvement over the last home Detroit.

So, what's happening today?  Newsdump, after the jump, with some commentary by yours truly.

Favre officially out, Webb officially in.  I was hoping that Favre could take a farewell lap in front of the home crowd; as much as 2010 was a disappointment, 2009 was a helluva run, and I think it would be nice if he could get one final ovation from a fanbase that was able to embrace him as one of our own.  But this game waits for no one, and it's now time for Joe Webb to take center stage.  Tarvaris Jacskon's time in Minnesota is done, and QB will definitely need to be addressed in the off-season, but I'm genuinely excited to see what Webb can do.  The Bears are a good defense, and if he can do well, it will go a long way in settling what is the most unsettled position heading into the off-season.

Goodell meets with the new governor Monday.  NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will meet with Governor-elect Mark Dayton to discuss a new Vikings stadium.  Dayton said he will support a plan where the benefits outweigh the costs, which is a leap forward from what anything outgoing governor Tim Pawlenty said about the subject.  It's still going to be a tough sell, though, as Minnesota legislators will have to tackle a $6.2 billion deficit.  SOmething needs to be done, because the Vikings are questioning the long term viability of the Metrodome.  I don't know whay they'd be concerened.  I mean, it was just the ROOF THAT COLLAPSED.

Percy's Coming Back.  No, really.  Harvin spent last week at the Mayo clinic in Arizona trying to figure out a way to cope with his debilitating migraines.  Harvin and the team are encouraged after meeting with what was reported as the most pre-eminent migraine doctor in America.  If you were to tell me that Harvin could find a cure for his migraines but it would involve never playing pro football, I'd be fine with that.  I hope the guy has a healthy and happy life, either with the Vikings ro away from football.  Whatever gives him relief, I'm in favor of.

TCF Bank is ready for prime time.  The temporary relocation to TCF Bank stadium was going to be a disaster.  We can't get the snow removed.  Uh, no.  There won't be enough seats.  Again, no.  The field will be frozen.  Nope.  I think that this game is going to go off without a hitch, the fans will have a good time even if they can't drink, and ESPN will go on and on about how great it is to have football being played outside in Minnesota, and what a great facility like TCF would be like if the Vikes could get something similar.  Cue Jon Gruden:

Jaws, this is FOOTBALL weather.  Look at that CAT Joe WEBB out there.  FROZEN TUNDRA FOOTBALL, baby!  I LOVE IT.  HIRE ME ZYGI WILF!!

Be sure to tune in to the next episode of  'As the Vikings Turn', right here on your SBN Network.