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A Quick Look At Our Two Pick 'Em Leagues

In addition to our normal DN Fantasy Football League, we've still got two Pick 'Em type leagues that are ongoing. . .we did a Survivor League at the beginning of the year, as long as a straight-up weekly NFL picks pool.

Surprisingly enough, the survivor pool is still ongoing, with two people still remaining out of the 64 that began the year. I, personally, had sort of forgotten about the survivor pool, thanks in large part to the Dallas Cowboys making sure I was eliminated from the survivor pool in Week 1 for the second consecutive year. However, two individuals are still battling it out to see who the ultimate survivor will be as we head into Week 13. Not surprisingly, these two players have selected the same teams in 10 of the season's first 12 weeks.

"JoeSpiderWebb" and "Moats4MVP" are the two remaining competitors. In terms of teams they can no longer use, both players have burned Tennessee (Week 1), Green Bay (Week 2), New England (Week 3), New Orleans (Week 4), Pittsburgh (Week 6), Baltimore (Week 7), Kansas City (Week 8), Tampa Bay (Week 10), Dallas (Week 11), and the New York Jets (Week 12). The only two weeks where their picks differed were Week 5, where JSW selected Indianapolis and M4M rolled with Atlanta, and Week 9, where JSW selected Atlanta and M4M went with the New York Giants. So, their pickings are starting to get a little on the slim side, and it will be interesting to see who comes out on top and/or if either of them can make it all the way through Week 17 unblemished.

As far as our Pick 'Em league, our own Eric Thompson is obviously cheating like hell somehow finds himself at the top of the standings in terms of both victories and "confidence points" gained. Through 12 weeks of the season, he has an overall record of 113-63, four games better than the next best record to this point, and a 25-point lead in confidence points over the two folks that are tied for second place. I, personally, am way the heck back, currently sporting a record of 99-77 and trailing by 104 confidence points. 39 people signed up for the league before the season started, and a pretty decent percentage of them appear to still getting their picks in every week, which is nice.

So there you go. We'll keep tabs on both of these races for everyone and give updates both when the survivor league finishes up (or at the end of the season, whichever comes first), and when the pick 'em league standings are finalized at the end of the season.