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NFC North's Best Team Clinches Division Title As Bears Blow Out Vikings

Looks to me like a certain group of 12-year olds owes me an apology.

Yes, for the third consecutive season, the NFC North division was won by the NFC North's best team, and the Bears took the title down in convincing fashion, turning what could have been a big moment for the Vikings. . .their first outdoor home game in 29 years. . .into a complete disaster.

Joe Webb flashed his athleticism at times, but largely looked lost.  The Vikings' special teams allowed Devin Hester several huge returns, including a 64-yard punt return that allowed Hester to move into sole possession of the NFL record for most kick/punt return touchdowns in a career with 14. Adrian Peterson didn't play, Brett Favre got knocked out before halftime, and the Vikings look like a team that well and truly needs to just scrap the entire works and rebuild this entire team from scratch.

With the way this team performed this evening, there are very few people that should feel secure in their future employment with the Minnesota Vikings. . .and, to be honest, Leslie Frazier isn't one of those people, in my opinion. Not with how flat the Vikings have looked the past two weeks after two inspired efforts in the first two games of Frazier's tenure.

And, really, that's all I'm up for discussing right now. This game was disgusting to watch from start to finish, and it's just put a little capper on what might be the single most disappointing season in Minnesota Vikings' history.