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Let Us Celebrate Festivus With The Airing Of Grievances!

There are few holidays that occur during the winter season that know not race, nor color, nor creed, nor religion, but today is the day that we celebrate one of those holidays.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, December 23 is the day that we celebrate that most special days of the holiday season. . .Festivus!

The traditional Festivus celebration begins with the Airing of Grievances. . .and let me say that if there's another group of fans in all of professional sports that has more grievances to air than Minnesota Viking fans, I would really like to meet these people and tell them that they're completely, totally, 100% incorrect in their assessment. Whether it's coaches, players, front office moves. . .heck, even the stadium falling to pieces right before our eyes. . .the fans of the Minnesota Vikings have a lot of potential targets to air their displeasure towards, and as we are a blog of the people, we're going to give you all a place to do just that, right here.

(We also have a more general Minnesota version of this over at SB Nation Minnesota, if you'd like to air your grievances over the Timberwolves, Twins, Wild, Gophers, or whoever else.)

So, ladies and gentlemen, feel free to let it all loose right here. The feats of strength will be coming at a later point in time. For now, everybody just gather around the Festivus Pole and release your frustrations about the 2010 Minnesota Vikings season.