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Non-Football: This One's For The Kids

This has been a holiday tradition for a number of years, and we're happy to bring it to you at DN this year.

Yes, it's Christmas Eve throughout the world, which can only mean one thing. . .it's time for the big guy in the red suit to start dropping off presents to children everywhere! Thanks to the good folks at the North American Aerospace Defense Command. . .or NORAD. . .we're able to track Santa Claus to the many exotic locations that he visits this and every other Christmas Eve.

For the kids out there that are reading this, there's good news. . .he's coming this way! That means that you don't have to be good for very much longer. (Although you should probably be good anyway. . .you know, just because.)

I hope all of you out there are enjoying whatever Christmas Eve festivities you're partaking in at the moment, and we'll be back with some more football-related items later on.