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Tomorrow's Forecast? Pain. . .And Snow And Winds And Cold

Yes, with the Christmas holiday being upon us and there being other obligations that need to be met, we haven't talked a whole lot about the Eagles. Even though those first two things play a role in our lack of discussion about tomorrow's game, the big one can probably be broken down thusly.

The Philadelphia Eagles are really, really, really good. The Minnesota Vikings are really, really, really bad.

And, you know. . .there really aren't very many different ways to say that.

One thing that, in theory, should balance things out a little bit is the weather forecast for Philadelphia tomorrow night. The storm system that has dumped a ton of snow on the deep south. . .and by the deep south's definition, a "ton of snow" is anywhere between one and three inches. . .is going to continue moving up the east coast overnight and into tomorrow, and by the time it gets to Philadelphia, we're going to be talking about honest-to-goodness blizzard conditions, with winds blowing at 40 miles per hour and as much as a foot of snow falling in that area. The National Weather Circus Service is looking for three to five inches during the day and another four to eight inches of snow during the evening hours, with most of it falling during the time that the game is being played.

Last weekend showed us that the Vikings can be bad indoors, outdoors, rain, snow, or shine. . .the faint glimmer of hope that this team has for tomorrow night is that the weather affects one of the NFC's best teams even more than it affects them.