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Vikings at Eagles POSTPONED Until Tuesday At 7 PM Central

UPDATE #2: The game will, indeed, be televised nationally on NBC. So hooray for that, I guess. Seriously, this season just needs to be over.

UPDATE: The National Football League has just announced that this game will be played on Tuesday night. . .not Monday night, but Tuesday. . .at 7 PM Central time. No word yet on television arrangements or anything like that, but I'm guessing that since it doesn't have an ESPN game to go against that the game would be nationally televised on NBC. Keep it tuned right here for further updates.

For most other teams, getting a game delayed because of weather would be a really, really big deal. For the 2010 Minnesota Vikings, it's simply par for the course.

What am I talking about? Well, according to Chris Mortensen of ESPN. . .

The snow on the East Coast: Eagles-Vikings (of all teams) may get postponed....Redskins concerned about getting home after Jaguars gameless than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Yes, because of the blizzard scenario that we mentioned here last night, the league has been discussing postponing the Vikings/Eagles game. . .you know, the one that inexplicably got flexed into a prime-time slot a couple of weeks ago. I would assume that the game would be moved to Monday night again after the storm passes, but I can't 100% confirm or deny that.

We know that football can be played in the snow. . .however, with the kind of conditions that they're looking at in Philadelphia, more things need to be taken into account. Things like the ability for the teams and the stadium workers and everyone else involved with making sure the game comes off to actually get to Lincoln Financial Field in order to make the game possible and stuff like that.

We'll have more news on this whole scenario as it comes through.