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Yes, Seriously, We Are Playing On Tuesday



Date: 26 27
28 December 2010
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Time: 7:00 PM Central
Stadium: Lincoln Financial Field
TV: NBC Know Thy Enemy: Bleeding Green Nation
Gonzo's Prediction: Eagles 41, Vikings 10
Final Score: Vikings 24, Eagles 14

I've got a crazy amount of stuff going on over here before kickoff, what with the interview in Des Moines and stuff over at SB Nation Minnesota, so I don't have time for the standard preview. Brett Favre will be inactive tonight, so the quarterback depth chart this evening will be Joe Webb/Patrick Ramsey/Rhett Bomar. Yeesh.

Three things that I'd like to see for the Vikings tonight?

1) Don't get Adrian Peterson killed - This season is pretty much over. Next season is most definitively not.

2) See what Joe Webb cab do - I think we're drafting a quarterback early and moving Webb back to WR in any case, but let's see what the kid is capable of.

3) At least put a damn effort forth - The last two weeks, the Vikings looked like they would rather be anyplace else but playing football. Which is bad because, you know, football is pretty much their job and everything.

I'm not going to lie to you folks or insult your intelligence or anything like that. . .I'll be thoroughly surprised if this game is anything short of a complete curb-stomping by the Eagles upon our Beloved Purple. I'll be cheering like hell and hoping for them to win, like always, but there's a time for homerism, and there's a time for realism. This is, most definitively, a time for the latter.

Kickoff comes in about an hour and a half, ladies and gentlemen. I'll get the inactives out as quickly as I can after I finish with the folks from ESPN 1700.