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Vikings Pull Off Huge Upset, Cancel Vick's Coronation With 24-14 Win

I put my prediction out there before the game. . .all of you saw it. Tonight, in the home of Rocky Balboa, I fully expected the Eagles to play the role of Ivan Drago and the Vikings to play the role of Apollo Creed. Michael Vick was going to solidify his grip on the MVP award (for everyone in America that has, apparently, never heard of Tom Brady), and the Vikings were barely going to be a blip on the Eagles' radar on their way to playing for a potential first-round bye in Week 17.

But behind a performance of a first-time starting quarterback that looked like he had been playing for ten years, and a defensive performance the likes of which we haven't seen since. . .well, since last season. . .the Vikings pulled off one of the biggest upsets of 2010 by knocking off the Philadelphia Eagles and taking them out of the race for a first-round bye in the NFC playoffs.

Joe Webb looked poised, confident, and in control this evening running the Vikings' offense, going a respectable 17-for-26 for 195 yards. He didn't have a passing touchdown, though he did have one taken away after a Philadelphia review, but he added a 9-yard touchdown run to go with Adrian Peterson's 1-yard plunge and the play that got the Vikings rolling this evening, Antoine Winfield's 45-yard return of a fumble he caused by knocking the ball out of Michael Vick's hand.

Yes, this is a lost season and all that other good stuff. . .but, believe me, I've never been happier to be wrong that I am right now. This game was a joy to watch from start to finish if you're a Viking fan. . .

And, as I said in the game threads. . .don't look now, but the Minnesota Vikings may have found themselves a quarterback.

Celebrate here, folks. . .I have a quick errand to run, and then we can party together!