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Chris Cook Out Sunday, Lots Of "Game Time Decisions" Pending

The Vikings' final injury report for the week is out, and there is reason for much trepidation amongst the Vikings faithful as they go into this Sunday's game against the Buffalo Bills.

Here is the full injury report for the Minnesota Vikings:

Player Position Injury Friday Practice Sunday Status
Chris Cook CB Knee Did Not Participate Out
Ray Edwards DE Ankle Did Not Participate Questionable
Percy Harvin WR Illness Did Not Participate Questionable
Steve Hutchinson G Thumb Did Not Participate Questionable
Greg Lewis WR Concussion Did Not Participate Questionable
Adrian Peterson RB Ankle Did Not Participate Questionable
Jamarca Sanford S Hamstring Limited Participation Questionable
Sidney Rice WR Hip Did Not Participate Probable
Bernard Berrian WR Groin Full Participation Probable
Eric Frampton S Hamstring Full Participation Probable
Husain Abdullah S Ankle Limited Participation Probable
Brett Favre QB God only knows Limited Participation Probable

Cook's knees were experiencing some swelling this week, so the Vikings have decided to sit him down for this one. My guess is that this makes Lito (whoa oh oh ohhhhhhhhhhhh) the nickel guy for Sunday with Frank Walker in the dime role.

The "game time decisions" are Edwards, Harvin, Hutchinson, Lewis, and Peterson, from what the Vikings' coaching staff has said. Edwards sat out practice on Wednesday and Thursday after hurting his ankle early against Washington. Brian Robison will start if Ray Ray can't go.

Harvin is, once again, battling migraines, but I'd still be surprised if he wasn't out there on Sunday. Hutchinson has a broken thumb, but he's a veteran that I'm sure can figure out a way to compensate for that and find his way on to the field on Sunday. If he's down for whatever reason, I'd expect rookie Chris DeGeare to get plenty of run in his place.

Things are looking a little more optimistic for the NFL's best running back, as Adrian Peterson was able to get out and do a few things today after totally missing Wednesday and Thursday's practices. Leslie Frazier said that there's a probability that he'll play on Sunday, and that Peterson will definitely start if he's able to play at all.

There's been a bit of speculation about the wide receiver situation. . .Sidney Rice and Bernard Berrian both appear to be ready to go, but with their injuries, Greg Lewis' concussion, and Percy Harvin's migraines, the only fully healthy receivers on the roster at this point are Hank Baskett and Greg Camarillo. . .which means that's a situation that could get really ugly, really quickly if things bounce the wrong way. According to the Star-Tribune, even practice squad wide receiver Freddie Brown had to leave the team this week due to a family emergency. One possible scenario for the Vikings if they end up short-handed at the receiver spot? Giving rookie Joe Webb his first ever NFL action at the position that the team said he was switching to right after he was drafted.

"We’re trying to determine what to do with Joe," Frazier said. "He’s still doing what he does at quarterback. He may have to end up being a tailback this week. Who knows? But we’re going to try to figure out what’s the best way to go."

Asked if Webb could be used at wide receiver after working all season at quarterback, Frazier said: "We’ve never done it with him. We didn’t do it with him in training camp. When he came after the draft, that was his first position. But then once he got moved, he never got any work there. It would be tough. It would be tough."

Webb certainly has the athletic ability to get out there at receiver, that's for sure. . .but it would be a rough situation for him to get immediately thrown into the fire like that.

But there you have the Vikings' walking wounded for this Sunday. The release of the inactive lists about an hour and a half before game time on Sunday will be an interesting one, to be certain.