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This Week's Sprint Game Ball Goes To. . .

In what turned out to be a very close race for this week's Sprint Game Ball of the Week, the fine readers of the Daily Norseman have chosen to recognize the reemergence of wide receiver Sidney Rice by giving him this amazingly prestigious award.

You folks cast 950 votes in this week's race, and after Adrian Peterson got off to a quick early lead, Sidney closed the game pretty quickly and eventually overcame AP to garner 43% of the vote, having received 412 of the 950 votes cast to bring home the trophy.

Peterson wound up finishing second with 36% of the vote (343 out of 950 votes), with quarterback Tarvaris Jackson coming in third with 14% (142 votes), Jared Allen pulling up in fourth with 5% (48 votes), and the ubiquitous "Other" getting five votes, not even enough to get a full percentage point. . .that was approximately .53% of the votes cast, and the only "other" name I actually saw in the comments was Coach Frazier, if my memory serves me correctly.

But there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Based on the votes of you, the fans, Sidney Rice is this week's recipient of the Sprint Game Ball of the Week!