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The Daily Norseman Now Features FaceBook Connect

You may have noticed the big blue box at the top of the screen when you came to the site today.  That big blue box is The Daily Norseman's direct link to FaceBook Connect, a feature that allows you to link you to link your SBNation account directly to your FaceBook account.

Trei Brundrett, head SBNation technical guru. . .along with the rest of the SBNation tech team, naturally. . .has made this possible.  What the FaceBook Connect stuff means is that you can publish anything you put here on your FaceBook page with the push of a button.  Did you write a particularly insightful FanPost?  Link it on your FaceBook page so your friends, family, and everyone else can have a look!  Find a hilarious picture or a link to a Vikings story that you put into a FanShot?  Link it on your FaceBook!

Getting through the FaceBook Connect process is easy enough, but Trei has provided a step-by-step guide for doing so right here.  After that, if you're logged on to your FaceBook account, all you'll need to do is hit the little blue "Connect" button up at the top of the screen there.  That's all there is to it!

So, get yourself linked up, ladies and gentlemen. . .my next story will be getting put up here very shortly.