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The Sunday Viking Vegur: Return of the Vegur Edition

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the off-season is officially upon us as I sit here watching the Daytona 500, avoiding the NBA All-Star game like the plague, and celebrating Valentine's Day with Mrs. Gonzo.  It's high time to start looking at the draft and all sorts of good stuff like that, but for today it's time for the return of one of the more popular off-season features of this site, the Sunday Viking Vegur.  Time to take a look around the rest of the Vikings' blogosphere and see what the rest of our fellow Purple fans think about our team, as we really didn't do a whole lot of linking outside the site during the season itself.  No particular order on these, so away we go!

-Over at Defensive Indifference, Jason compares his pre-season predictions to those of fantasy football guru Matthew Berry.  I've never gotten into Matthew Berry. . .I thought he was awful on Friends.

-Grant's Tomb formally kicks off "speculation season" with a look at Brett Favre and Chester Taylor, among others.

-Pacifist Viking. . .who had his own mini-Favre saga after the NFC Championship Game (and who can blame him). . .once again connects a work of classic literature to the Minnesota Vikings.  Surprisingly, it's not the biblical book of Job (though I assume that's coming at some point).

-Purple Jesus Diaries gives us. . .something. . .that connects Brian Robison, Valentine's Day, and your prostate.  Well, not necessarily your prostate, I guess.  Honestly, I'm still confused.

-Want to follow the folks from The Viking Age on your iPhone?  There's an app for that.

-The Viking Ship. . .and the lovely Viking Girls. . .have some news about Cedric Griffin's condition.  This is going to be one of the bigger off-season stories for Minnesota fans to follow.

-Meanwhile, Vikings Gab takes a look at the Vikings' current defensive end situation.

-Vikes Geek takes a more in-depth look at the potential situation with Chester Taylor and the Vikings.

And that's your Vegur for this week, folks.  This should, once again, be a weekly feature here at the site, and one that should allow you to take a look at some of the other perspectives around the Vikings' blogosphere from our fellow fans.  I hope you enjoyed it, and we'll see you back here tomorrow!