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The Off-Season Drama Is Officially Over!

Yes, ladies and gentleman, a vital part of the Minnesota Vikings roster who previously had been rumored to have reservations about returning to the team for a potential Super Bowl run in 2010 has announced that he will be back for next season after all, and as a result has solidified the unit he plays on more than anyone probably realizes.

That's right, folks. . .according to his agent. . .Pat Williams will be back in a Vikings' uniform next season.

(The lead-up to a potential Favre thing really doesn't work terribly well with the picture of big #94 up there, does it?)

Yes, the best run-stopping defensive tackle in the league (and, quite frankly, of his generation) will apparently be back plugging the middle of the Vikings' defense next season.  After the loss to the Saints in the NFC Championship Game, Phat Pat had wondered aloud about whether or not he was going to come back next season..  It appears those remarks were overly colored with the disappointment such a loss would entail, and so he'll be back doing his thing next season, and probably still doing it better than anyone else in the league.

According to the same article in the Pioneer Press, Judge Gary Larson is expected to issue a ruling tomorrow morning about whether Pat and Kevin Williams can sue the National Football League for violating Minnesota drug testing laws in the Starcaps case that dates back to the 2008 season.  We'll hopefully have some coverage of that ruling, as well as what it means for the Williams Wall in 2010, shortly after it comes out tomorrow.