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Not Passed Out. . .Just a Bit Hung Over

Evening, folks. . .I'm guessing that you all have noticed that there really hasn't been a whole lot of activity here over the course of the past week or so, now that the buzz of the 2009 season has pretty much worn off.  And, to be honest, outside of Bryant McKinnie's Pro Bowl escapades. . .which, while completely idiotic on the part of Big Mac, are really hard to get too bent out of shape over. . .there really hasn't been a lot to talk about Viking-wise since the loss at the Superdome over a week ago.

The action will pick up here before too much longer, I would think.  We're going to be getting more into discussions about the Vikings' off-season outlook, particularly the draft and free agency.  Oh, and probably a little bit of stuff about the quarterback situation for 2010.  People seem to think that's important and/or that the Vikings are screwed on that front.  Then again, most of those same people thought we were screwed on that front going into this season, too. . .both pre-#4 and post-#4.

But, to borrow a line from the boys from Monty Python, we're not dead. . .we're just resting.  (Not pining for the fjords in any way.)  The action will be picking up here again soon, you can be sure of that.  Until then, we thank you for your understanding and your patience, as well as your patronage.

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday night, ladies and gentlemen, and we'll be back with you soon!