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Weekend Open Thread

Consider this an open thread for the weekend, free to discuss several things swirling about our favorite NFL team. 

1)  The Starcaps trial has ended, and by the looks of it, the good guys seemed to do pretty well, although Brad Childress, when placed under oath, STILL wouldn't say whether Favre was coming back. 

2)  Ray Edwards might be chased by the Eagles or Saints.  Do the Vikes match, or do they let him go and end up with two first round picks? 

3)  Jimmy Kennedy, who has seen somewhat of a career revival in Minnesota, is pondering becoming a Buffalo Bill  re-signs with the VikingsYikes.   Hooray!! (edited, obviously)

4)  And last but not least, LaDainian Tomlinson has headed back to San Diego after being wooed by the Vikings and the Jets.