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Whew! Tye Hill DOES NOT, repeat, DOES NOT sign with the Vikings!

I have nothing against Tye Hill personally.  I've never met the guy, and I couldn't pick him out of a lineup.  Unless, you know, he robbed me or something and I wasn't packing heat, and they put him in an actual...lineup.  I'm sure he's a decent guy in many respects, and has a mom, dad, and siblings that love him, maybe even a wife and kids.  But when I heard that the Vikings were kicking the tires on him, one thought kept rolling aropund in my head:  pleasenopleasenopleasenopleaseno...PLEASE NO!!  Like the great philospopher Garth of the tribe of Okie once said, 'some of the Football Gods greatest Gifts are Unanswered Prayers'.  Except this prayer was answered, so scratch that. 

I live in St Louis, so that really is my only claim to expertise on one Mr. Hill, formerly of the St. Louis Rams.  And  He's like the love child of Robert Tate and Wasswa Serwanga.  What he lacks in coverage skills he makes up for with an uncanny ability to miss a tackle.  But here is the most damning statistic of all:

He was released by the St. Louis Rams.  Read that again, let it sink in, and digest that, like a day old egg salad sandwich.

He was the St Louis...Rams.

I'm glad the Vikings passed on him.  There are much better fish in the sea.