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Free Agency Day One Open Thread

While we shouldn't expect the Vikings to get too heavily involved with the first day of free agency. . .after all, the new rules state that we have to lose somebody before we can sign anyone. . .the spending derby got underway a little more than eight hours ago.

There haven't been a lot of transactions that have taken place.  Former Viking Nate Burleson somehow managed to convince the Detroit Lions that he was worth a five-year, $25 million contract with about $11 million in guarantees.

Chester Taylor is scheduled to visit the Bears today.  I hope he doesn't sign with Chicago. . .signing Taylor would give Chicago a running back with some actual talent for Baby Jay to hand the ball to, as opposed to the garbage they have at the position now.

The NFL Network is apparently going to have all sorts of coverage of free agency today starting at 10 AM Central time.  If you want to discuss any of today's free agency happenings, feel free to do so right here.