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Final Mock Draft Rules and Participants

Okay, we are less than 24 hours from our first ever, 27th annual Live Mock Draftapaloozafeststock!  We've got Internet beer, Internet dancing girls, and Internet FUN FUN FUN!!!!  Anyways, the ground rules and participants are after the jump.

1.  Draft time is 1 pm CST.  Either Eric or Gonzo will put up a thread about 15-30 minutes prior.  Check in with the team you're drafting for at least 5 min prior to the start.  Gonzo/Eric will start the draft at 1, with a subject line comment that says 'It's now 1PM.  The St Louis Rams are on the clock", or something creative like that.  Once the draft starts, the Rams rep has 5 minutes to select.  ***NOTE***  I originally said 10 minutes, but 5 should be plenty.  If you can do it for a fantasy football draft, you can do it for a mock draft.

2.    If a team’s representative is not available to make a selection in the allotted time, a DN moderator will then make the pick for them by simply selecting the best player available from a player rankings site of their choice.  However, they may deviate slightly from the strict definition of BPA in order to accommodate for need. 

3.    When commenting in the mock draft post, please DO NOT use the "subject" line in the comments for anything other than to announce an official pick.  Limiting the usage of said space will make the picks, as well as the announcements that the moderator will make, stand out and therefore make the draft itself easier to follow.

4.    When the DN moderator announces that THE [LOCATION] [TEAM NAME] ARE NOW ON THE CLOCK, the respective representative will have five minutes to make the pick.  Once the selection is recorded, the DN moderator will then move things along by making the pertinent announcement; that process will continue until we conclude the mock drafting session, with possible breaks therein to gather our collective bearings if necessary.

5.    When you make an official pick, you will announce it in the exact format that follows: WITH THE [X] PICK IN THE DRAFT, THE [LOCATION] [TEAM NAME] SELECT: [PLAYER NAME], [POSITION], [SCHOOL].  Once again, you will do so ONLY in the "subject" line of the comment box and you will leave the message space blank.  You or others may feel free and are, in fact, encouraged to comment on a pick by replying to that official announcement so long as you observe the general rules of conduct that govern this site when doing so.

6.    As soon as possible after a selection is made or the mock draft is over, e-mail a brief explanation of sorts to me, MilCardFan.  Just one or two sentences is fine, and I will compile them all in a fanpost tomorrow night or Sunday. 

Draft order and participants:

1. St. Louis (1-15)—GB nordic
2. Detroit (2-14)--Medicineball
3. Tampa Bay (3-13)—muffin man
4. Washington (4-12)--Crazycollegian
5. Kansas City (4-12)--Tony O 
6. Seattle (5-11)—Cobra312004
7. Cleveland (5-11)--AdamT
8. Oakland (5-11)—p_dunn33
9. Buffalo (6-10)--nolabillsfan
10. Jacksonville (7-9)--bgkrenz
11. Denver (CHI) - SDviking
12. Miami (7-9)
13. San Francisco (8-8)--lifelongvike
14. Seattle (DEN)—Cobra312004
15. New York Giants (8-8)
16. Tennessee (8-8)--thewild_viking_twins
17. San Francisco (CAR)--lifelongvike
18. Pittsburgh (9-7)—Vikingfuture8816
19. Atlanta (9-7)—UGA Vike
20. Houston (9-7)—vikant

21. Cincinnati (10-6)--PercyHarvinmyfave
22. New England (10-6)
23. Green Bay (11-5) - jimemort
24. Philadelphia (11-5)—S-Dot
25. Baltimore (9-7)—VikingTW11
26. Arizona (10-6)--DEEK
27. Dallas (11-5)—Ericj69
28. San Diego (13-3)--Vikespma
29. New York Jets (9-7)--zabac
30. Minnesota (12-4)--Gonzo
31. Indianapolis (14-2)—shake n bake
32. New Orleans (13-3)

I Hope you guys have fun!  Doubt I'll be here for it, but if I am, I'll jump in and take a team.  If there is anyone that thought they had a team, but you don't see your name on the list, or if there is anyone that would like to participate, post a comment in this threas with the team you'd like to draft for, and I'll reply with a confirmation later tonight or tomorrow before the draft.