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Become a Fan of The Daily Norseman on Facebook!

SBNation continues to be the best damn blog network ever.  If you'll recall, I announced a while back that you can take your FanPosts and comments from here at The Daily Norseman and put them onto your own personal FaceBook pages.  Well, now we've taken that one step further, as now every story that goes up on this here website will go straight to The Daily Norseman's FaceBook page.  (They used to go up there whenever I remembered to put them up there. . .and, considering that the most recent story is from the night before the NFC Championship Game, you can see how well that's worked out.)

Logically, this means that you'll all become "fans" of our site on Facebook. . .and I know you all have FaceBook pages, because if I have one, it darn sure ought to mean that the hip and totally with it crowd that patronizes this site have numerous pages amongst themselves as well.  So feel free to click on the link above and hit "Become a Fan" on our site.

That's all for now. . .possibly more later this evening.  So, stay tuned for that. . .or let FaceBook tell you when it happens!