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A Few Tidbits About Percy Harvin

The good folks at Access Vikings caught up with Percy Harvin at an autograph signing, and had an opportunity to speak with him about a few things.

Apparently Harvin has put on some weight over the off-season, and not in a "sitting on the couch eating potato chips" sort of way.  According to the Star-Tribune, he's in great shape, and said he hopes to play this season at about 200 pounds.  Our profile of him has him listed at 184, which I still think is a bit below where he played last season, but a bigger, stronger #12 can only be an asset for the Vikings.

Percy is also still apparently having problems with the migraine headaches that hindered him off and on throughout his rookie season.  From the interview, it sounds like the migraines are something that Harvin has resigned himself to having to deal with.

"It's off and on," he said. "Still working them out. Hopefully we'll keep working at it. My mom has had them for 30 years. They come here and there. It's just something that hopefully I can contain. But I've talked to a lot of doctors. I don't think there's too much that can stop it."

The headaches caused him to miss one game during his Rookie of the Year campaign, and he was a game-time decision in several others.  Hopefully they'll stay at bay long enough for him to make an even bigger contribution to the Vikings this year than he did last season.