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Our Long National Nightmare is Over: Naufahu Tahi is Still a Minnesota Viking

Yes, I know that we were all anxiously awaiting this day. . .those of us that work for this website, especially. . .but the Vikings announced yesterday that restricted free agent fullback Naufahu Tahi has signed his free agent tender and is still a member of the Beloved Purple.

Rumors that Tahi will attempt to acquire the #12 jersey worn by Percy Harvin have turned out to be completely unfounded.  And by "completely unfounded," I mean "totally made up by me."  Tried to take the obvious joke there.

The Vikings have also retained offensive lineman Ryan Cook, defensive tackle Fred Evans, and safety Eric Frampton.

Tahi was signed as a free agent from Cincinnati during the 2006 season.  Evans was signed as a free agent from the Miami Dolphins before the 2008 season.  Ryan Cook will forever be known as "the guy we drafted with the second round pick we got for Daunte Culpepper," and Frampton (speaking of obvious jokes) has come alive on special teams, leading the team in special teams over the last three seasons combined after entering the NFL as an undrafted free agent out of Washington State.