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Pants In the Lockers! Pants In the Lockers!

Lookin' pretty spiffy with your pants in the lockers!

Brett Favre likes to say he is comfortable in Wrangler. Now his Minnesota Vikings teammates can be, too.

Many Vikings returned to team headquarters for workouts this week and found Wrangler jeans in their lockers. Favre has been a paid endorser of the jeans for years. So he decided to send a pair to every one of his teammates after having one of the best statistical seasons of his career and helping the Vikings reach the NFC title game.

Thanks to the numerous folks that sent me tips about this story, and apologies for not getting it up here before now.  Pretty nice gesture by ol' #4.

Oh, and he's totally coming back.  Somebody tip off the Star-Tribune folks. . .it doesn't appear as though they've figured it out, yet.