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Jared Allen Threatened to Break Some Loser's Neck

Just got this in an e-mail a few minutes ago from the good folks at TMZ:



TMZ has obtained video of Minnesota Vikings defensive superstar Jared Allen unleashing one of the nastiest threats ever on a bar patron who allegedly called Jared's fiancee a word that rhymes with "punt."

Well. . .given the circumstances, all I can say is good for Jared Allen.  Particularly considering that #69 didn't actually turn the person that used such a vulgar, disgusting term about his fiancee into a fine paste.  Seriously, if Mrs. Gonzo and I were out somewhere and someone threw that sort of language in her direction, I would be using my one phone call to get my First Sergeant to come and get me out of jail.

So, there's a nice start to your Tuesday morning, ladies and gentlemen!  Come back later as we celebrate schedule release day!