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2010 NFL Draft: Minnesota Vikings Select Virginia CB Chris Cook With the 34th Overall Pick

After trading out of the first round of the 2010 Draft on Thursday night, the Minnesota Vikings have selected Virginia cornerback Chris Cook with the 34th overall selection, the second pick of the second round.

Cook is a big corner, measuring in at 6'2" and weighing in at 212 pounds.  Listening to Mike Mayock on NFL Network, it sounds like Cook could also make a transition to free safety if necessary, given his size.  Here's what the folks at SBNation's Mocking the Draft have to say about Chris Cook.

Strengths: Possesses an incredible size for a cornerback. Matches up perfectly with tall receivers. Gets a good jam at the line due to his size. Plays zone coverage really well. Reacts quickly when the ball is in the air. Shows he can read a quarterback, which helps his break on the ball. Shows good agility changing direction. Moves well laterally. Good in pursuit, which may lead him to playing safety. Above-average as a tackler. Team captain as a senior.

Weaknesses: Doesn't play as fast as he timed. Is sort of a cornerback/safety tweener. He's not as good in man coverage as a corner but not as physical as you'd like for a safety. Gets fooled too often by double moves and fakes. Effort against the run is inconsistent. As big as he is, you'd expect Cook to be a better tackler. Ball skills are suspect. Doesn't have good hands and didn't break up a lot of passes. Suspended multiple times for academics. Has had some injury issues – a groin injury during Senior Bowl week, a knee sprain in 2007 and a broken leg in 2005.

Final word: Cook is a risky player. he's sort of a man without a position. He lacks the athleticism to be a top cornerback and doesn't play physical enough to be a safety. He didn't play football in 2008 after being ruled academically ineligible.

Not sure what I think about this pick at this moment, to be completely honest.  I still really can't believe we passed on Jimmy Clausen, but apparently the Vikings' brass doesn't like him as much as I do.

As it stands now, the Vikings pick again at #62 overall.