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Thanks for a Great Three Days, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Yes, the 2010 NFL Draft is now over for the Beloved Purple, and what a three days it's been.  We've agreed, we've disagreed, we've argued, we've celebrated. . .and we did all of it in a relatively decent and respectful fashion, which is always nice.

The traffic over the last couple of days, as you can probably imagine (or saw with the way the site bogged down on Thursday night), has been crazy, with the past 2+ days bringing us nearly 34,000 hits (including over 7,500 today), and we've had a few thousand comments placed in the open threads over the past couple of days.  Just goes to show, once again, that this is by far and away THE premiere Vikings' community on the internet, and that it wouldn't be that way without all of you out there making it what it is.

We'll be back a little later on tonight to see if we can get any word on how the Vikings did in the undrafted free agent stampede that's going to kick off here in less than an hour or so.  For now. . .man, I just have to get the heck away from my computer, away from my television, and out of the house for a while.

Thanks again, everybody, and we'll be back for more later!