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2010 NFL Draft: Minnesota Vikings Begin Signing Undrafted Free Agents

Well, the draft is over, and now the meat market for the guys that weren't drafted is officially underway.  Here are the guys that have found their way to Minnesota, via various sources.

R.J. Archer, QB, William and Mary

Thomas Austin, G, Clemson

Matt Hanson, T, Midwestern State

Tommy Hernandez, C, UC-Davis

Ryan Perriloux, QB, Jackson State University (yes, the same Ryan Perriloux that got kicked out of LSU for allegedly failing a drug test) May or may not be true. Waiting for something more firm before I "uncross" this one.

Aaron Rhea, WR, Stephen F. Austin

Ray Small, WR, THE Ohio State University

Terrell Skinner, SS, Maryland

Kelton Tindal, WR, Newberry

Angelo Williams, CB, Ferris State (Save Ferris?  Save Ferris?)

Marlon Winn, OT, Texas Tech

There were rumors going around that the Vikings had signed Oregon RB LeGarrett Blount (and his right cross), but Childress and Spielman have stomped all over those rumors, from all accounts.

That's what I've got so far.  If you see or hear anything else, go ahead and drop it in the comments section, and I'll put it up here.