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With the 30th Pick of the 2010 NFL Draft, the Minnesota Vikings select...

So, there have been a lot of posts, and even greater discussions in the subsequent comments, about different players the Vikings should select in the upcoming draft. I am by no means a draft expert, but by now, there's generally a consensus about a pick relative to where the Vikings are selecting. Usually, it's not this far back in the draft, and there's a lot more flux in the last few picks. It seems that guys are starting to slightly favor Rutgers CB Devin McCourty, but there's still no consensus. Gonzo also picked him in SB Nation's Mocking the Draft Live Mock, but really wanted to pull the trigger on Tim Tebow. There was also a report out that Vikes GM Rick Spielman went to Colt McCoy's pro day; does that mean real interest, or a head fake for the other 31 teams? After the jump, I'll list what draft experts have predicted for the Vikings, and then let's open it up for discussion. Tell us who you want, and why. And if you think they should trade down...or up...let's hear it.

And hey, let's keep it respectful. There's no wrong answer here, and guys tend to get really...REALLY passionate about players that have never And consider this a Saturday Open Thread as well.

ESPN's Mel Kiper: CB Devin McCourty

ESPN Todd McShay DT Brian Price

Pro Football Weekly: CB Kyle Wilson

Don Banks, SI: DT Jared Odrick

John Holler, Viking Update: CB Kyle Wilson

Scott Wright, NFL Draft Countdown: CB Devin McCourtty

Gonzo, Mocking the Draft: CB Devn McCourty

Gonzo, DN Live Mock Draft: CB Kyle Wilson

MilCardFan, had he been picking at Mocking The Draft: Tim Tebow (or Colt McCoy), QB

There has been plenty of speculation about whether the Vikings will take a quarterback and Spielman did attend Colt McCoy's Pro Day on Wednesday. But I just don't think the Vikings are that high on this quarterback class and they aren't going to take a QB just for the sake of it. Especially, when everyone expects Brett Favre to return in 2010.