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Mullet Generator? There’s an App for That, Thanks to Jared Allen

This much kick-ass in one app shouldn't be legal.
This much kick-ass in one app shouldn't be legal.

This just in from the Jared Allen Is Awesome Department…

The Mulleted One released his very own iPhone app a couple weeks ago. It’s everything you’d expect in an iPhone app from one of the zaniest and most entertaining players in the NFL. Here are just a few of the features it offers:

  • Hunting tips and pictures of Jared’s hunting adventures. Naturally.
  • A history of American flags. Because nothing is more AMERICAN than cowboy hats, mullets, and Old Glory!
  • Information about Jared’s restaurant in Arizona–apparently the Bleu Cheese & Bacon burger is "the BOMB!"
  • Pictures of Jared’s "Mullet Militia", which you can submit your own pictures to.
  • Speaking of mullets, the crown jewel of the app: the Mullet Generator. Yes, it lets you add mullets to any picture you want. Awesome.

All of this wonderful stuff (and more) will cost you exactly $0.00. That's right, it's FREE. So if you’re a Vikings fan and you have an iPhone, it’s definitely worth checking out! You can find the app here at the iTunes store.