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Minnesota Vikings Stadium Bill Looking Promising

According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune (via Pro Football Talk), it appears that the Minnesota Vikings may finally be on the verge of getting some sort of a stadium bill completed.  Such legislation would take any talk of the "Los Angeles Vikings" completely off the table, much to the chagrin of the teams that have finished behind the Vikings in the NFC North for the past two seasons.

The rumored stadium will cost in the neighborhood of $870 million, and would presumably be built on the same spot where the Metrodome currently sits.  In such a scenario, the Vikings would likely play a season or two at TCF Bank Stadium on the campus of the University of Minnesota prior to moving into their new digs.  The article does not make it clear whether the stadium would have a permanent dome, a retractable roof, or if it would be completely outdoors.  I would think that if Minneapolis wanted to use it for numerous other events. . .you know, like a Super Bowl (which has already been all but promised to Minnesota if they get a new stadium). . .there would at least have to be a retractable roof on the facility.  Personally, I hope that would be the case.

If there are folks closer to the Twin Cities area that can shed a bit more light on what has potentially been proposed and/or what rumors you might be hearing on the subject, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

There will be a mock draft coming later on today, so stay tuned for that. . .until then, continue enjoying your Thursday!